April 8, 2020

We take incredible measures to keep ourselves beautiful and spoiled. Our hair is sparkly and rich, gets treated regularly with masks, conditioner or at least with shampoo and water.

The same happens with our face. Exfoliation, serums, cleanser and face cream is part of...

March 11, 2018

Cashmere Lashes Brisbane

Real Mink lash extensions are, as the name says, real fur from the mink.

To allow us humans to wear super light dark black and incredibly soft eyelash extensions, the fur industry breeds the minks to supply us with these goods.

According to the su...

Brisbane Eyelash Extensions

It’s not easy enough for us to wear mascara for our big night out in Brisbane. Not even for work.

Brisbane ladies want to wake up and look stunning.

Lash N Tweezers – Eyelash Extensions Brisbane will help you to find your perfect set of eyelash...

Henna Eyebrow Sculpt At Lash N Tweezers Brisbane

Expressive, fairly wide and well-groomed eyebrows are currently in full trend, but not everyone has such eyebrows naturally.

Eyebrows are often too thin, asymmetrical, have an irregular shape, or are practically absent in...

July 2, 2017

The classic set of eyelash extensions is the most common set people get applied. Especially for ladies who get lashed for the first time, it makes such a difference to their current look without lash extensions on.

It’s also called the 1:1 method, which means one extens...

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