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What Is A Lash Lift ?

A Lash Lift is the magical art of changing the position your natural eyelashes grow.

This treatment is the longer lasting alternative to Eyelash Extensions.

Do you have trouble seeing your eyelashes, even though you apply plenty of mascara?

Don't look any further, help is here :)

A Lash Lift is (of course) a totally pain free treatment, which defines your natural eyelashes and makes them look lifted, curled and just glamorous.

An eye pad is applied on top of your bottom eyelashes, for us to be able to only lift up your top eyelashes.

Your experienced beautician will decide which silicone rod to use - depending on the length of your natural eyelashes.

The silicone rod is applied on your top eyelid, with a sensitive, water soluble adhesive.

Now we can gently attach your natural eyelashes to the rod, and apply our lifting and setting solution and let the magic happen!

Even the after care for your #LashLift is very simple. Stay away from water, steam, mascara and oily products for at least 24h after the treatment.

Depending on your after care and the lash cycle of your natural eyelashes (you naturally lose between 2-5 eyelashes every day), the Lash Lift will last between 8-12 weeks.

We exclusively use the original #Elleebana products at Lash N Tweezers, which is for professional use only.

If you choose to visit our beautiful Beauty Salon in Wavell Heights (Brisbane's Northside), please make sure that you arrive without eye makeup, or in case you have to wear mascara, just make sure that you use a water soluble one, for us to be able to take it off with a non oily remover.

Mascara worn on the day of your appointment may affect the lifting result.

After: Before:

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