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What is involved in an appointment at Lash N' Tweezers?

You have never been to us before and you are wondering what to expect?

Well - firstly welcome to LNT. We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed in our salon space.

Depending on your appointment type, whether you have booked in for Eyelash Extensions, an Eyebrow Treatment or a Spray Tan, your appointment always starts with a thorough consultation.

We make sure we understand exactly what you are after, what you like and dislike. You will be asked to fill in a consultation form when you first arrive. It is very important that you answer all the questions precisely.

If you are unsure which Lash Set to choose, or which Brow treatment will suit your needs, don't stress, we are so happy to take our time and talk you through the different options, as well as we are happy to show you some example photos.

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