Henna Eyebrow Sculpt With Eyebrow Tattoo Effect

Henna Eyebrow Sculpt At Lash N Tweezers Brisbane

Expressive, fairly wide and well-groomed eyebrows are currently in full trend, but not everyone has such eyebrows naturally.

Eyebrows are often too thin, asymmetrical, have an irregular shape, or are practically absent in extreme cases. It is also often the case that the eyebrows were damaged by regular plucking.


The henna helps you get perfect eyebrows without pain and trouble!

Change the shape of your eyebrows - and your appearance will change completely!


I have many ladies  asking for an eyebrow tint and shape.

As I am a big henna brow fan myself, I always explain my clients the difference between henna and tint.

As soon as they hear that the henna lasts way longer than the normal tint, they want to try it straight away.


Often the clients decide to get a henna brow sculpt while I am applying eyelash extensions on them.




Here is how the magic works 🙂

Eyebrow tint and correction with tattoo effect - Brow Henna is natural henna for eyebrows with tattoo effect. It colors the eyebrows and stains the skin between the hairs.

This ensures a result lasting up to six weeks on the eyebrows and up to two weeks on the skin.


At the same time, the own eyebrows are nurtured and strengthened by the natural substances. With each treatment, the hairs become healthier, firmer and more glowing.

The Brow Henna has been specially developed for eyebrows, which have lost their shape over time and by frequent plucking, are "exhausted" and require everyday care and styling.


The henna is also suitable for allergy sufferers, pregnant women and nursing mothers. For women who do not have the time to make their eyebrows every day in the mornings, or who like it easy and uncomplicated, the method is a perfect relief!

Lash N Tweezers offers free patch tests* for clients who are hesitant or clients who suffer from allergies.

 (*To find out if the client will react allergic to the henna, we apply a tiny amount of henna behind the ear and the arm. In case of a reaction, the area will be too small to make the client suffer and we cannot to apply in the brows)



Absolutely harmless natural procedure.

Water-based, without ammonia.

Also suitable for pregnant women

You can vary the eyebrow shape Does not damage the skin and hair structure

Regenerates the eyebrow structure

Can correct the asymmetry of the eyebrow shape

Helps achieve a stable color and lengthy effect of well-groomed eyebrows


Procedure of treatment:


Eyebrows are thoroughly cleaned and freed from the grease layer.

We exfoliate the skin gently, so that it renews itself and the skin cells dissolve. This allows the color to set on the skin properly and the result remains visible for a long time.

After a color advice (the color palette contains eight colors, so that each woman can create their individual look)

the henna will be applied. As the henna takes some time to set, it allows us to show the shape after application to the client and to make small changes in shape or color.


As long as the color is on the brows, we wax, and if necessary pluck around the shaped brow.

As a result, we get perfect shaped eyebrows.


The Lash N Tweezers clients can enjoy a hand massage during the leftover time.


After 15 to 20 minutes the color is washed with a cotton pad and seal the brows with a special sealer.


The new shaped eyebrows have to be kept dry for 36 hours and not exfoliated. Exfoliation makes the stain come off the skin.


Lash N Tweezers recommends all our clients to keep the henna brows dry for 36 hours, actually the same time as the eyelash extensions.

After the 36 hours, all our clients are good to surf the Burleigh Beach waves !

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