Real Mink vs. Cashmere Eyelash Extensions

11 Mar 2018


Cashmere Lashes Brisbane


Real Mink lash extensions are, as the name says, real fur from the mink.

To allow us humans to wear super light dark black and incredibly soft eyelash extensions, the fur industry breeds the minks to supply us with these goods.

According to the suppliers, the minks get brushed and the hair cleaned, disinfected, curled and shaped to the desired length.


The benefit of wearing real mink eyelash extensions is immense. The extensions won’t go messy and no brushing is required.

As the real mink eyelash extensions are super light, they won’t damage the natural eyelash in being too heavy.


As a massive disadvantage the involvement of an animal should be considered. But also the curl of the lashes is not consistent. Due to the fact that a straight hair is curled by heat, it’s for sure that the curl of the extension will drop to a certain point. That doesn’t mean they go completely straight but they will lose about 50% of the curl compared to what they’ve been at the time of the application.


At Lash N Tweezers – Eyelash Extensions Brisbane, we don’t believe in wearing eyelash extensions made of animals. Our vanity should not be supported by hook or by crook.

But that doesn’t mean you have to surrender your natural look !

Lash N Tweezers – Eyelash Extensions Brisbane did lots and lots of research, ordered samples of lashes, applied on models and found our cruelty free favourite, which feel just the same way as the real fur lash extensions – the Cashmere lashes.


Our Cashmere lashes are artificial manufactured lash extensions which are super light and soft at the same time, but they won’t lose their curl.

Wearing Cashmere lashes in Brisbane is a must for every lady who wants to keep the secret – are they real ? – No, people cannot tell if these lashes are real or not.


Once you have booked your lash appointment in our Nundah based salon, we are more than happy to show and let you feel the difference before the application.


✗✗✗ Kat



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