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Train With Us!

Why training with us is different?

Because all our courses include an in-salon experience to be prepared for what's ahead of you, as well as ongoing in person support after finishing your training.

Whether you are a beginner or you have already gained expericene, but are not 100% confident in what you are providing to your client - we've got you.

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Our mission is to teach beginners and advanced beauticians the knowledge we have. No unnecessary topics to make the manual look thicker. We want to teach our students how to avoid crutial mistakes Kat has experienced, and pevent them from having to go though the same struggles she had to experience along her journey.

Being in the beauty industry since now almost 11 years, Kat has started from zero to build a very successful beauty business, where quality of treatments and customer care will always come before quantity.

Kat has continiously been training in in Europe, Asia as well as in Australia, gaining knowledge and sharing since her collection of experience and know-how. In theory and with practical support

We want YOU to suceed!

And that's why we offering our exclusive courses with absolutely no fluff. You will learn what you need to know to run a successful business or to be able to find a very well paid job role in the industry.

Alongside the exclusive techiques used by Lash N Tweezers, students learn about the business side of running a successful salon. 


Please contact us if you have questions or if you are unsure whether a course at our facility may be for you. 

We are here to help!



"It is most important to us that students leave fierce and confident"

Being in the industry and running a very busy beauty salon, made us experience how hard is is to find well trained, passionate staff.

This is why we decided to train new staff ourselves, as the knowledge they have gained in previous courses just wasn't enough, sometimes close to nonexistent. 

Knowing how some our students felt after finishing their first training, trying to start their own business, or applying for a job in the industry with just the minimum knowledge,  most of the sudents have been just left off with a manual but no support.

It is most important to us that students leave fierce and confident.

All our students have 6 months support after taking a course, as well as 5 hours of In-Salon experience, which means that students gain experience if there is any struggle or more need to practice with supervision, in order to gain more confidence with tecnique or even with customer service, our students are welcome to book in time with us to visit our salon.

Whether students are shadowing us in what we do on a daily basis, or to practice alongside experienced professionals, we accomodate to students needs.

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