All You Need To Know


 Eyelash Extensions​​

We spent a lot of time and trials until we have decided with which type of extensions we want to work with.

The extensions we apply are very light and soft, but they won't lose their curl or shape.

Our Eyelash Extensions come in a variety of different lengths and curls.​

After our consultation chat, we choose the most suitable set for you, and apply the eyelash extensions on your natural eyelashes.

​We use a high quality, special adhesive, which dries within seconds, but has to be kept dry for 36 hours after the application.

 ​After this time  the glue has set and dried properly and you are able to visit our beautiful beaches for a swim or chill out in the pool without worrying about panda eyes afterwards.

How Will They Be Applied ? 


Our eyelash extensions are applied one at a time / depending on the set, using a special formulated, semi-permanent, approved adhesive, that will not irritate the eye, (as your eyes are closed during the treatment) nor damaging the natural eyelash. 


Prior to the treatment we will ask you about any sensitivities or allergies, to make sure we can apply the eyelash extensions. We also recommend you a style and inform you about the current conditions of your natural eyelashes.

Eyebrow Sculpt, Henna & Tint 

You let us know which shape and color you are after.

​We check your current eyebrow shape and make your eyebrows look stunning and well groomed.

​Therefore we wax, trim and if needed pluck your eyebrows in shape and if desired, we finish up with a custom tint or henna.

Henna Brow Sculpt by Lash N' Tweezers

Expressive, fairly big and well-groomed eyebrows are currently so trendy, but not everyone has these eyebrows naturally.

Eyebrows are often too thin, asymmetrical, have an irregular shape, or are practically absent in extreme cases. It is also often the case that the eyebrows were broken by regular plucking.

The henna brow sculpt will help you get perfect eyebrows without pain and trouble! Change the shape of your eyebrows - and your appearance will change completely!


​Brow henna is a natural henna for eyebrows with tattoo effect. It colors the eyebrows and the skin, which is located between the hairs and thus ensures a lasting result lasting up to six weeks - depending on the natural skin cycle.

At the same time, your eyebrows are strengthened by the natural substances. With every treatment, the hairs become healthier, firmer and more glowing.

The Brow Henna has been specially developed for eyebrows, which have lost their shape over time and by frequent plucking, are "exhausted" and you will need tedious everyday care and styling. This henna is also suitable for allergy sufferers, pregnant women and nursing mothers. For women who do not find the time to do their day-to-day life in the morning, or to make the eyebrows simple and straightforward, the method is a perfect relief!

 Remember, your eyebrows are the frame of your picture (face).

Spray Tan Brisbane

We spray you with the most suitable tan base for your skin, to make your tan look perfect.

Not every tan base is the right one for every skin type.

Bella Bronze Gold Coast offers different spray tan bases, so we are able to offer you the perfect bronzed summer look. 

Bella Bronze Tan is made from natural and organic ingredients and is 100% vegan, which means it’s not tested on animals.

Developed and manufactured in Australia with skin firming technology, their fast drying, unscented, organic and natural blend is suitable for all skin types. Bella Bronze Tan creates a beautiful bronzed look with minimal wash off, is long lasting and fades evenly.



Please be aware that Lash N' Tweezers has to rely onto the information given by the clients.​

Lash N' Tweezers cannot be held liable or is responsible for any false statements during consultation. 

All our work utensils  are sanitized , hygiene is our first policy.

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